Cinema feature & TV series

The North Sea is the largest nature reserve in The Netherlands. Most people only know this sea from a beach holiday on the coast or days of fishing. But the North Sea is much more than that. It’s full of life. It houses hundreds of animal species. More than two hundred different fish and more than a thousand multi-celled species. Ever heard of the sea spit conch or the dead man’s thumb? In the TV series ‘The Wild North Sea’ the viewer will discover the rich biodiversity and the beauty of the North Sea nature, in a way that has never been shown before.

Music composed by Rick Kooijman.

We need you!

We can use all the help we can get to realise this dream project. In the coming years Dutch Maritime Productions will be working day and night to shoot the best images and to tell the best stories. In addition to the remaining financing, we also need logistics at sea, permissions to visit and dive restricted areas, specialised biological knowledge and a few good characters as actors. After completing the entire financing, we can really launch this project and fully start researching and scripting the interesting stories that we are going to tell about the North Sea nature. In the meantime we will treat nature lovers to little stories and short films that we will post on our Facebook and Instagram every week from now on. Do you love the North Sea and do you want to help us? Please do not hesitate to contact us!