About DMP

We are Peter and Klaudie. Together we are the driving forces behind DMP. It is our mission to visualize the underwater world, with meaningful stories. For many, a mysterious world, which we know through and through. Because of our unlimited dose of passion for diving. We dive for years. With great pleasure, care and attention, for man and nature. Expertise and quality is indisputable for us. We control the risks that our clients encounter as inevitable. We continually invest in the necessary knowledge and certifications and the right equipment. In order to be able to push to the limits for the desired result: a story that makes impact!

Our mission

We want to produce film with a meaning for the world around us. DMP is the storyteller of the underwater world. We make the invisible underwater world visible for everybody. We do this with full impact productions and spectacular images. We want to make a valuable contribution to our blue planet.

Peter van Rodijnen © Cor Kuyvenhoven
Klaudie Bartelink © Cor Kuyvenhoven

Our services

The underwater world is our playground. It is the input for each project of DMP. The output we want to achieve is to exceed the expectations of our clients. We realize complete (film) productions, providing underwater footage from our extensive stock and can carry out specialized dive and underwater camera work. All our services have a common objective, namely a positive contribution to the meaning of the underwater world.

Our approach

Unlimited passion is always our starting point. For each dive we make and for every production that we develop. The implementation is professional. With care and attention to man and nature, we make unique shots of the underwater world to tell the story.