About DMP

We are Peter and Klaudie. Together we are the driving forces behind DMP. We have made it our mission to bring the underwater world to everybody through our own particular brand of visual storytelling. Though mysterious for many, we are at home in the seas of the world. Driven by an unbridled passion for diving, humankind and nature, we have been exploring the waters of the world with curiosity, care and joy. With great pleasure, care and attention, for man and nature. Our expertise and the quality of our work is indisputable, equalled by our attention to detail, planning and safety. We will never stop learning. If a story demands it, we will invest in any training, qualifications or equipment necessary to get the absolute best result. Our stories are game changers! In order to be able to push to the limits for the desired result: a story that makes impact!

Our mission

We want our films to be meaningful and relevant for our blue planet and its people. DMP is the storyteller of the ocean, revealing what is hidden, making it accessible and visible for everyone. Our montages and spectacular imagery together ensure maximum impact every time. Working in this way, we hope that we make a valuable contribution for ocean stewardship.

Peter van Rodijnen © Cor Kuyvenhoven
Klaudie Bartelink © Cor Kuyvenhoven

Our services

The underwater world is our playground, we are able and equipped to get whatever a client needs. We strive to always go over and above the brief and pride ourselves to exceed client’s expectations as a rule. From complete feature lengths productions, to specific sub sea filming projects, we have the skills and qualifications to do it all. Clients also benefit from our extensive database that we collated over many years of diving. The output we want to achieve is to exceed the expectations of our clients. We realize complete (film) productions, providing underwater footage from our extensive stock and can carry out specialized dive and underwater camera work.

Our approach

Our passion is clear in every dive for every production that we do. We are meticulous where it comes to safety, planning and delivering. Our unique approach puts people and planet at the heart of the underwater stories we tell.