Networking event for (young) innovative entrepreneurs

The Dutch waters are constantly moving. In these areas, new activities such as wind farms at sea and mariculture are taking up space. The Dutch government is moving towards multiple use of space. We are faced with challenges, exhaustion and pollution. Rijkswaterstaat is convinced that it is of great importance to use our waters in a sustainable way. For future purpose. That is why innovations are so important. With iSea, Rijkswaterstaat wants to stimulate and advance sustainable innovations for Dutch waters.

During this event, participants can share their new innovations, knowledge and experience. The goal of this third edition was to match sustainable innovative concepts. Are you enterprising, active in the marine sector and do you have that one golden idea to use the North Sea and Delta waters more sustainable? Or are you as an investor interested in a golden idea around the areas? Then iSea is the place to be for you!

With this meeting, Rijkswaterstaat wanted to encourage and advance sustainable innovations around the North Sea and Delta waters.
Dutch Maritime Productions produced this video for Rijkswaterstaat to announce this unique networking event in an energetic way.

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