Discovery of a new wilderness – Expedition Dogger Bank

The North Sea is a vast wilderness. It is one of the roughest seas in the world. The currents can be strong and the visibility is quit often poorly. Because of the harsh southwest winds it can be very stormy too. ‘Expedition Dogger Bank, discovery of a new wilderness’ is a film about a team of divers who traveled to the edges of the Dutch part of the North Sea. Places where now diver had been before.

The impressive vessel ‘Cdt. Fourcault’ traveled in the summer of 2011 to the Klaver Bank and the Dogger Bank. On board was a team of passionate divers. Everyone of them with his/her own specialty. Biologists to discover new species. Archeologists to identify unknown wrecks. Photographers and cameramen. And experienced wreck divers to support the diving operation and to salvage ghost nets, fishing lines and plastics.

This film is about a team of passionate divers who put attention to the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. They showed the North Sea like never before.